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In order to accept you as a client of this office,

I require that you read and agree with the following conditions:

         This office provides chiropractic care only for the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation.  Vertebral subluxation is a condition in which one or more of the bones of your spine are out of their proper place.  This causes interference to the proper function of your spinal cord and nerves.  Since the spinal cord and nerves are a part of your master control system of your body, any interference with their function causes your body to malfunction.  When your body malfunctions, you lose your ability to function at an optimal level.  Correction of vertebral subluxations, through the chiropractic adjustment, restores your spinal bones to their proper place, removes the interference to the function of the spinal cord and nerves and allows your body to express health and life to the fullest extent.


Chiropractic is not the practice of medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for any medical care that you may now be receiving or may chose to receive in the future.  If you feel that you need medical advice, we suggest that you consult your medical doctor.  Chiropractic techniques and methods are not taught in medical school and your medical doctor is not a chiropractor.  Some medical doctors do practice spinal manipulation, and although it may seem the same as the chiropractic adjustment, it is in fact very different.  Expert chiropractic care and chiropractic advice can only be provided by a chiropractor.


In order to keep our fees reasonable we are unable to complete insurance paperwork and to respond to insurance company requests for information.  Private health insurance generally covers care that is provided as a treatment for sickness or disease.  Since the care in this office is provided to allow your body to express health to the fullest, and not as a treatment for any sickness or disease, it is not covered by insurance.  If Medicare covers you, please be advised that Medicare does not cover the services provided by this office and you cannot submit receipts to Medicare.


We do not accept for care any client who is seeking chiropractic care involving a law suit related to an automobile accident, worker’s compensation care, or any other legal matter which might require our office to complete legal reports or to testify in court.

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