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I offer a flexible fee system - you pay what you can, with a $15 minimum. 
My philosophy and belief is that regular chiropractic care should be affordable to everyone at a reasonable cost and I use this pricing system in order to allow that possibility to become a reality for everyone.  You will notice far greater health benefits from visiting Cooke Chiropractic once a week and paying what you can afford rather than visiting another place once a month for $50 to $150 per visit.  Based on my experience, a more regular chiropractic routine is more health-full than periodic visits.  I know that keeping your spine subluxation free optimizes your functioning and assures the best possible communication between your nerves, your mind and your entire body. 

In order to keep our fees reasonable,
we do not participate with any insurance providers or plans. 
Private health insurance generally covers care that is categorized as a treatment for sickness or disease.  Since the care in this office is designed to allow your body to express health to the fullest, and not as a treatment for any sickness or disease, it is not covered by insurance.  If Medicare covers you, please be advised that Medicare does not cover the services provided by this office and you cannot submit receipts to Medicare.

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